Early Pick-Up

Early Pick Up for Swag for those who pre-registered for the Reach The Peaks Hiking and Trail Running Challenges are stopping into The Arts Place of Stokes this week to pick up their awesome swag bags and Farm To Feet socks.
Our first pick up from a lady from Germanton who participated last year in the 90 degree heat and is looking forward to the 70 degree weather in store for the weekend. She says she is much more prepared has been training all year for Reach The Peaks, and will be doing some extra workouts this week to be ready to Conquer the Peaks!


 backpackThank You to Carolina Farms & Homes Real Estate for donating these awesome Swag Bags for Reach The Peaks Participants. When you arrive and check in you will receive this bag with all kinds of goodies inside!
You can still register Day Of on September 30th at Hanging Rock. www.reachthepeaks.org for details on the Premier Hiking and Trail Running Challenge!